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  1. Gree GS-30XTWV32 2.5 Ton Cassette Type Inverter AC

    Special Price ৳148,500.00 was ৳164,500.00
  2. Gree GF-48XTS410 4 Ton Floor Standing Air Conditioner

    Special Price ৳222,500.00 was ৳246,500.00
  3. Gree GF-36XTS410 3 Ton Floor Standing Air Conditioner

    Special Price ৳176,900.00 was ৳195,500.00
  4. Gree GSH-24XFV32 2 Ton Fairy Split Type Inverter AC

    Special Price ৳89,000.00 was ৳99,000.00
  5. Gree GSH-18XFV32 1.5 Ton Fairy Split Type Inverter AC

    Special Price ৳76,900.00 was ৳86,000.00
  6. Gree GSH-12XFV32 1 Ton Fairy Split Type Inverter AC

    Special Price ৳56,500.00 was ৳63,000.00
  7. Gree GSH-24XFA410 2 Ton Fairy Split Type AC

    Special Price ৳78,500.00 was ৳87,500.00
  8. Gree GSH-18XFA410 1.5 Ton Fairy Split Type AC

    Special Price ৳65,500.00 was ৳72,500.00
  9. Gree GSH-12XFA410 1 Ton Fairy Split Type AC

    Special Price ৳48,900.00 was ৳55,000.00
  10. Gree GS-24XCO32 2 Ton Split Type Non-Inverter AC

    Special Price ৳76,900.00 was ৳85,000.00
  11. Gree GS-18XCO32 1.5 Ton Split Type Non-Inverter AC

    Special Price ৳63,000.00 was ৳69,500.00
  12. Gree GS-12XCO32 1 Ton Split Type Non-Inverter AC

    Special Price ৳47,500.00 was ৳53,000.00

149 Products found

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Buy Air Conditioners In Bangladesh At DRM Electronics

The price of an AC in Bangladesh can vary depending on the product type, color, size, and brand. Wall-mounting or portable AC are typically the most affordable options. Split-type air conditioners are generally more expensive, with prices ranging from approximately 45,000 tk to 150,000 tk

Buying AC & coolers online was never been comfortable before Dream Electronics. Here you will find all brands of air conditioner coolers at low to high price points. Bonus, fantastic deals, discounts, and gift vouchers in Bangladesh are included with maximum products.

At DRM Electronics, you get an air conditioner for a small room to significant commercial places. We offer 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 4-ton air conditioners from world-class brands. All the company facilities like warranty, guarantee, and customer service are applicable to all the products you purchase from here.

Air conditioner Price in Bangladesh

Check the list of our top-selling air conditioner and cooler brands in Bangladesh and before buying just compare the price & offer with others. Various models and features of air conditioner prices in Bangladesh. Panasonic Air conditioner | LG Air conditioner | Samsung Air conditioner | General Air conditioner | GREE Air conditioner | Chigo Air conditioner | Haier Air conditioner | Viomi Air conditioner | Daikin Air conditioner | Midea Air Conditioner.

Also, ACI is the Exclusive partner of DRM Electronics so everyone will get 100% original products.

The Important home appliances in Bangladesh are LG air conditioners, general ac, Panasonic ac, Gree ac, LG inverter ac, general air conditioners and electric room heater in Bangladesh are the quite popular and most selling products of DRM Electronics. Also, Gree hot & cold air conditioners, Samsung cassette type AC, whirlpool conditioners, 3d cool air conditioner with high-quality Fans & eco+ smart air conditioner price in Bangladesh are currently quite favorites these days.

Furthermore, DRM Electronics offers an exciting collection of the best budget air cooler price in bd for sale from these brands and other brands. And in some products, you could get EMI facilities as well.

Choose From Any Air Conditioner Models Online

DRM Electronics has all kinds of options for air coolers and ac. Here you will find standing cooler & ac for your big halls, lobbies, and restaurants. Similarly, you can go for the usual ceiling air conditioner price in Bangladesh to go for a minimalistic appearance. The splint ac is also a good option to consider. It offers silent operation and maximum performance. This kind is very popular due to the fast cooling and low power consumption.

Also, you can install it very easily. Some best splinter models of DRM Electronics are the Viomi spilt air conditioner, Gree inverter split air conditioner, Midea classic split air conditioner, LG split air conditioner, etc. Also, compare the room heater price in Bangladesh.

However, for more power efficiency you will get another option from DRM Electronics the Inverter Air conditioner. These ac save 10-30% current compared to other traditional air conditioners. Also, these are durable too. LG inverter air conditioner Bangladesh, Panasonic & eco inverter deluxe air conditioner, etc. are the perfect example of this category.

In addition, you will find Portable Air conditioners in our store in different sizes. These are convenient in size so easily peaceable any place in your house, office or shop. You can shift these anytime when needed. But don't go with the size of these small appliances. These are powerful enough to down the temperature of an average size of room.

Air conditioner and cooler- need or luxury?

There was a time when people had one option to get cool air in summer, air coolers. Time has changed, and we have the option to get both cool and warm temperatures at our home with one single home appliance- the air conditioner in Bangladesh. The air conditioning system is reasonably high so that time people do not think to spend something out of budget considered as a luxury item or Haier air conditioner Bangladesh. But in the present time economy and changing, global climates influence people to adopt an expensive item as an essential. However, brands are also flexible to keep the price of the air conditioner in the affordable price range. Now, many companies are manufacturing top-class Ac & best home appliance television in Bangladesh at a reasonably cheap cost.

We all know the summer season in Bangladesh; the calendar says it’s for two months, but in practice, it stays for eight months more or less. Actually, it’s the humidity that makes you feel hot which becomes unbearable sometimes. But now you have the option to counter the heat. Bring at home a nice cool or air conditioner in Bangladesh from in the exciting price range and deal on deep refrigerators in Bangladesh to enjoy the summer. Get the summer glow but not by being exposed to the sun and dehydrated by extreme heat and humidity.

Best AC for Your Home

There are several types of ACs available in Bangladesh to cater to different needs and budgets. The most common types of ACs include: window AC, split AC, portable AC, cassette AC, floor-standing AC, inverter AC, and smart AC.

Best air conditioner brands in Bangladesh

There are several popular AC brands in Bangladesh, some of the most widely recognized ones include General AC, Gree AC, Samsung AC, LG AC, Panasonic AC, Sharp AC, Hitachi AC, Walton AC, Singer AC, Daikin AC, Midea AC, Chigo AC, Haier AC, Carrier AC, and Viomi AC. These brands offer a wide range of air conditioners that cater to different needs and budgets, from basic window ACs to advanced inverter ACs with features like Wi-Fi connectivity and smart controls. DRM Electronics is offering a special discount deal with complimentary accessories for online orders.

Commercial AC price in Bangladesh

Ceiling-type air conditioners are the most expensive option, with prices ranging from approximately 150,000 BDT to 500,000 BDT or more, depending on the size, quality, and complexity of the system. There are several types of commercial AC systems available, including packaged rooftop units and split systems. Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, chilled water systems, Choosing the right commercial AC system depends on factors such as the size of the building, the number of occupants, and the climate in which it is located. It's important to work with a qualified HVAC contractor to determine the best system for your specific needs.

Buy Air Conditioners and air Cooler in Bangladesh

DRM Electronics provides all the easy and convenient options for buying excellent Air conditioners in Bangladesh among different types of popular brands. Also, you get the air cooler choice of popular brands available here.  So, find your best ac from the largest online shopping bd, and before buying just compare the air conditioner price in BD and make the decision.

Stay with DRM Electronics to get all existing deals on scooter in Bangladesh of the year and get the best quality product at an affordable price.

Happy shopping

Best Air Conditioner Price List in Bangladesh



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