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  1. Panasonic Electric Kettle

    Special Price ৳4,050.00 was ৳4,990.00
  2. Sencor Multifunctional Halogen Oven

    Special Price ৳7,600.00 was ৳8,500.00
  3. Sencor Electric Kettle

    Special Price ৳2,900.00 was ৳3,600.00
  4. IONA Electric Kettle

    Special Price ৳3,500.00 was ৳4,600.00
  5. Panasonic Vaccum Cleaner

    Special Price ৳11,000.00 was ৳12,400.00
  6. Phillips Food Processor

    Special Price ৳10,200.00 was ৳11,500.00
  7. Panasonic Blender with 2 Dry Mills

    Special Price ৳4,000.00 was ৳5,700.00
  8. Philips Grinder Mixer-HR3705

    Special Price ৳4,000.00 was ৳5,980.00
  9. Sencor Electric Kettle-SWK1812BL

    Special Price ৳2,400.00 was ৳3,200.00

31 Products found

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DRM Electronics offers a necessary kitchen appliance for daily use.

Adding the necessary kitchen appliances online at the cookhouse in Bangladesh makes daily work comfortable and enjoyable. It helps prepare regular meals quickly and allows for fresh and healthy food. Even it saves time and grants spare time to enjoy. However, almost everyone houses some kitchen tools available at DRM Electronics.

But there are numerous and different types of tools on this website everyone should know. For working women who hardly manage time for shopping, online shopping would be the best idea for them. The product quality, features, warranty, and price are described here.

Kitchen appliances online

The kitchen appliances online in Bangladesh are mainly microwave ovens, blenders, etc. Everyone knows that. This online platform brings the same items but adds some new tools. Everyone should try the unique piece besides the standard kitchen tools. So, have a look at that below:


Cookware has no alternative option. You need this material for cooking. For many cooking and food preparations, you need various types and sizes of kitchen appliances online or cookware. Everyone prefers the nonstick cooking pot because there is less possibility of burning the food. The price starts from one thousand for a nonstick cooking pot with a glass lid.

On the other hand, almost every house has this item. Pressure cookers are also available from different brands. A pressure cooker is an essential kitchen item. You can cook anything, and it even helps to bake as well.

Mixture And Grinder

Add fresh spices to your curry by making paste or powder in a Grinder or mixture blender. Try to avoid instant paste or curry powder that is found in the supermarket. Keep a grinder on your kitchen appliances online and make fresh paste or powder in just one minute. Besides, to give your family some nutrition, buy a juicer mixture.

You can make fresh juice or a smoothie with it. So, no need to buy a bottle of cane juice. Prepare healthy food with this grinder and juicer mixture. The price starts from one thousand and is available up to ten thousand.

Cooker and Fryer

Many women manage the entire family and children but don’t have any helping hand. It is pretty difficult for women who work outside of the house. So, many rice cookers, curry cookers, and multi-cookers complete cooking in just a few minutes. Even an air fryer can fry anything, but no need for oil.

The cooker helps the kitchen appliances online to prepare food on time and save valuable time. Just set the time of cooking, and it will automatically turn off after it is finished. So, there is no need to be tense about burning your food.

Maker And Toaster

Are you Busy preparing breakfast for your family, child or yourself in the morning? To relieve you from the hassle of making breakfast, DRM Electronics are bringing a toaster and coffee maker. Put two slices of bread on the toaster and some water in the coffee maker. That’s it! Your breakfast is ready in only five minutes.

Try an automatic water warmer pot that warms the water briefly. The price of the toaster and water more generous pot is between two thousand. Besides, the number of coffee makers in Bangladesh is up to two thousand to three thousand.

Induction Oven

An induction oven is an electric oven that needs electric power to heat up. Many families prefer this oven now. It is helpful, especially for students and working women. It can be kept in the kitchen or dining. So, no need to use the gas oven always. Some use the gas cylinder that needs to be refilled every month. But once you buy the induction oven, it can go up for many years. It can cost around four thousand.


Other kitchen items such as a micro oven, grill machine, hand bitter, stand mixture, flask, electric kettle, mug set, etc., are also essential kitchen appliances online. Just visit our page and shop as your own choice. Everything is available here. Save your own time and enjoy the effectiveness of this kitchen item & favorite home appliance BD.

Make your kitchen a favorite place of your house by decorating it with essential kitchen appliances online in Bangladesh. Place the necessary appliances in your kitchen according to demand and choice. The difference you will see soon. It will make your everyday work faster and give you more free time. Remember to always keep the warranty card when you buy an electric appliance at the best online shopping in Bangladesh. In case of any problem, you can get free services.

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