Sharp Oven R-207

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Key Features

  • Latest Model
  • 800W Microwave, Energy Saving Mode
  • 20 Litres Capacity
  • 255mm Turntable Size
  • 2 Auto Menus (steam, etc), 2 Auto Reheat Menus
  • Child Lock
  • New Hairline Design

Sharp Oven R-207

Microwave Cooking

Sharp Oven R-207 Unlike conventional ovens which heat food from the outside microwave ovens causes the food to heat itself for more efficient and nutritious results.

Convection Cooking

Hot air is circulated throughout the oven by a fan and its surrounds and cooks the food This fan-forced heating method provides more uniform results than conventional ovens

Carousel Turntable

Sharp Oven R-207  utilizes a rotating platter that turns the food evenly through the microwave; eliminating hot and cold spots in the oven

Grill Cooking

A heating element browns and makes food crispy with intensive heat The new quartz-heating element delivers 1,000 watts of output power so that the oven warms up quicker than ever Grill mix offers flavorful results in combination with microwave action.

Healthy Menu

For healthy living, you can now enjoy healthy food with Low Fat Menus. Vegetarian Menus and Healthy Kerupuk with just a key touch away

Combination Cooking

Combines both microwave and convection and microwave with grill Microwave energy speeds up the cooking process which convection and grill, browns and locks in the food’s natural juices.

Auto Cook

Enjoy a variety of delicious food with the microwaves simple and speedy Auto Cook feature Just select the food category; enter the weight and the oven wills et the time and power level automatically.

Time Defrost Key

This function quickly defrosts food while enabling you to choose a suitable defrost time period depending on the food type

Weight Defrost Key

The microwave oven is pre-programmed with time and power level so that your food is defrosted according to its weight range



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